Unit 7- Forces and Movement

Simple Machine (Máquina simple)
Turn (Girar)
Axle (Eje)
Along (A lo largo)
Ground (Suelo)
Friction (Rozamiento)
Wheel (Rueda)
Pulley (Polea)
Rope (Cuerda)
Apply (Aplicar)
Instead of (En vez de)
Inclined Plane (Plano inclinado)
Raise (Levantar)
Angle (Ángulo)
Lever (Palanca)
Fulcrum (Punto de apoyo)
Pivot (Punto de apoyo)
Edge (Borde)
Crowbar (Palanca)
Plier (Alicates)
Guillotine (Guillotina)
Wheelbarrow (Carretilla)
Nutcracker (Cascanueces)
Crane (Grúa)
Force (Fuerza)

Simple Machines
There are four types of simple machines: the wheel, the pulley, the inclined plane, and the lever. These machines change the actions of forces.
 The wheel is a simple machine but it can be used as a part of a complex machine.  It consists of a round part which turns on an axle.  It reduces friction so it makes it easier to move things along the ground.
The pulley is a kind of wheel.  It has two raised edges so a rope can run around the wheel without falling off.  It is used to lift heavy objects.  A pulley changes the direction needed to apply force.  Instead of pulling directly upwards, the pulley allows you to pull downwards and lift the object more easily.
An Inclined Plane is a slope or a ramp.  It makes it easier to move heavy objects over a distance using less force.
A Lever is a long stick that you push or pull against a fulcrum or a pivot point to make something move.