Unit 7- Energy

Energy Energía
Society Sociedad
Heat Calentar
Cool Enfriar
Combustible Combustible
Fuel Combustible
Deplete Agotar
Resources Recursos
Power Plants Centrales Eléctricas
Coal Carbón
Global Warming Calentamiento Global
Acid Rain Lluvia Ácida
Fossil Fuels Combustibles Fósiles
Renewable Renovable
Non-renewable No renovable
“Run out” Acabarse
Cheap Barato
Efficient Eficiente
Warmth Calor, cálido
Greenhouse Effect Efecto Invernadero
Dissolve Disolver
Exhaust Gases de escape
Source Fuente
Radioactive Waste Desechos Radioactivos
Dispose Despojar, Tirar

Energy in our Society
Our society consumes a lot of energy.  We use energy to travel, heat and cool our homes, and to make and transport products.  But, using energy creates problems.
Two main types of energy are used in everyday life: Electrical Energy and Combustible (Fuel) Energy.  Electrical energy is used in homes, industry and transportation.  Combustible or Fuel energy like, petrol, diesel fuel and natural gas are used in transportation heating and industry.
Using energy creates problems like depletion of resources and pollution.  Pollution leads to global warming, acid rain and contamination of our air, land and water.
Fossil Fuels are a non-renewable source of energy.  So, if we use them, they will eventually run out.  We rely so much on fossil fuels that it is difficult to use only renewable sources of energy. Governments must promote the use of renewable sources of energy like solar and wind power.  Scientists are trying to find ways of making renewable energy cheaper and more efficient.

Radioactive Waste is a special type of pollution.  It is produced in nuclear power plants.  It gives off radiation that is deadly to all living things.  Scientists are still not sure the best way to dispose of this type of waste.