Unit 10 The Rivers of Spain

River Bank/ Orilla del Rio
Gentleness/ Gentileza, Suavidad
Reach/ Alcanzar, Llegar
Carry/ Llevar, Transportar
Dam/ Presa
Lake/ Lago
Man-Made/ Artificial (hecho por el hombre)
Riverbed/ Cauce (del rio)
Pond/ Charca
Stream/ Arroyo


Features of Rivers/ Características de los Ríos
-Rivers are bodies of flowing water that start in the mountains when rain accumulates/ acumula or snow melts.
Rivers have these features:
The Course/Curso. This is the route of the river from its source/fuente to its mouth/ desembocadura.
Estuary/Rias. This is where seawater flows into the river. Can form at the mouth.
Flow/Flujo. The amount of water the river carries.
Flow Regime/Régimen de Flujo. This is the variation in the flow of a river during the year. Regular Flow Regime means it carries the same amount of water all year. Irregular Flow Regime means the river can carry a lot of water or a little.
Watershed/Vertiente is where all the rivers and streams flow into the same sea.
Tributary/Afluente is where one river flows into another.
Seawater, Lakes, Reservoirs and Groundwater/ Aguas Marinas, Lagos, Embalses y Aguas Subterráneas
Surface Water/Aguas Superficiales is water on the surface of the Earth.
Groundwater/Aguas Subterráneas  is water under the ground.
Seawater/Aguas Marinas  is water from the sea.
Pond/Laguna, Charca  is a small lake.

Reservoir/Depósito, Embalse  is a man made lake.