Unit 10 European Landscapes
Forest/ Bosque
Body of Water/ Unidad de Agua
Coastline/ Línea Costera
Coast/ Costa
Plateau/ Meseta
Plains/ Llanuras
Cape/ Cabo
Fjords/ Fiordos
Inlets/ Rías
Peninsula/ Península
Jagged/ Dentado, Mellado
Vegetation/ Vegetación
Bush/ Arbusto
Evergreen/ Hojas Perennes
Decidious/ Hojas Caduca
Grass/ Césped
Meadow/ Prado
Pine/ Pino
Continent/ Continente
Gulf/ Golfo
Lake/ Lago
Isthmus/ Istmo
Bay/ Bahía

Relief means the variations in elevation of the Earth´s surface.  Inland relief is mostly mountains and plains.
Mountains are high elevations of land.  They have steep slopes, a summit and a foot.
Plains are large pieces of flat land. 
Plateaus are high areas of flat land. 
River Basins/Cuenca del Río are low areas of flat land next to a river.
Land next to the sea is the coast.
Cape is a large piece of land that sticks out into the sea. 
Bay a body of water partially enclosed by land.  A big one is called a gulf, a small one is called a cove.

Peninsula is a narrow piece of land surrounded by water on three sides.  It is connected to the mainland by a piece of land called an isthmus.