Unit 12 The European Union
Economic/ Económico
Political / Político
Democratic/ Democrático
Share/ Compartir
Currency/ Moneda (en circulación)
Citizens/ Ciudadanos
Joint Measures/ Medidas conjuntas
Crime/ Crimen
Treaty/ Tratado
Join, Joined/ Unirse, Se unió
Equality/ Igualdad
Commission/ Comisión
Approve/ Aprobar
Laws/ Leyes
Achievement/ Logro
Health Card/ Tarjeta Sanitaria
Eurozone/ Zona Euro
Spend/ Gastar
Bills/ Billetes
Coins/ Monedas
Custom Controls/ Controles Aduaneros
Merchandise/ Mercancías

The European Union Today
1. What is the European Union?
The European Union (EU) is an economic and political organization formed by 28 democratic European countries with a population of about 500,000,000.  Economically the countries of the EU share common rules about agriculture, transport, fishing and industry.  Many EU countries use the Euro as their official currency.  Politically, the citizens of any country in the EU can live, work or study in any other country in the EU.  The EU countries have joint measures to protect the environment, fight crime and terrorism, defend equality of men and women and protect the right of consumers.
The  Achievements of the EU
One main achievement of the EU is bringing the member states closer culturally and educationally.  EU citizens have a European health card which means they can have health care in different member states
The Eurozone are the countries that use the Euro as their currency.  In 2002 is when they started spending actual bills and coins.

The single market eliminated borders and custom controls between EU states.  This means that citizens and merchandise can circulate freely within the EU.