Unit 13 Prehistory to the Middle Ages
Prehistory/ Prehistoria                                                                    
Paleolithic/ Paleolítico                                     
Appear/ Aparecer                             
Human Beings/ Seres Humanos
Period/ Periodo, Época
Age/ Era, (edad)
Neolithic/ Neolítico
Cave/ Cueva
Tribes/ Tribus
Survive/ Sobrevivir
Polished/ Pulido
Cloth/ Tela
Sail/ Vela (de barco)

The First Artists
The first artists appeared in the Paleolithic Age.  Humans that lived at this time made cave paintings
The Paleolithic Age. 
People lived in huts or caves and used traps to hunt.  They fished for fish and shellfish and gathered fruits, roots and plants to survive.  They lived in groups called tribes.  When there was little food left they would migrate to other areas, for this they were called nomads.  They made simple tools with wood, bones and stones like axes, arrowheads, harpoons and spears.
The Neolithic Age.  
About 7,000 years ago people began cultivating crops and domesticating animals.  They built the first villages near their crops so they stopped being nomads.  They made tools with polished stone and they invented pottery and cloth. They painted cave walls with scenes of dancing, hunting and gathering food.
The Metal Ages.  

This age began about 6,000 years ago where people learned to make objects from metal.  First they made things from copper, bronze and iron.  Some villages grew into cities.  People chose leaders to organize the harvest and protect themselves against attacks from other cities.  People began to specialize; warriors defended the city, farmers worked the land and merchants bought and sold products.  Also at this time the wheel, the plow and the sail were invented.