Unit 8- The Relief of Spain

Relief (Relieve)

Edge (borde, orilla)             

Height (Altura)                     

Flood (Inundación)

Field (Campo)                       

Surround (Rodear)              

Clearly (Claramente)

Across (De un lado a otro)  

Flow (fluir, flujo)                  

Peak (Pico)

Cross (Cruzar)                                  

Valley (Valle)                        

Cliff (Acantilado, Precipicio)

Plains (Llanuras)

Plateaus (Meseta)

River Basins (Cuenca del Rio)

Flat (plano)

Cape (Cabo)

Bay (Bahía)

Gulf (golfo)

Cove (cala)

Peninsula (Península)

Isthmus (Istmo)

Narrow (Estrecho)

Mountains (Montañas)

Steep (Empinado)

Summit (cumbre)

Relief means the variations in elevation of the Earth´s surface.  Inland relief is mostly mountains and plains.

Mountains are high elevations of land.  They have steep slopes, a summit and a foot. Mountain chain

Plains are large pieces of flat land. 

Plateaus are high areas of flat land. 

River Basins are low areas of flat land next to a river.

Land next to the sea is the coast.

Cape a large piece of land that sticks out into the sea. 

Bay a body of water partially enclosed by land.  A big one is called a gulf, A small one is called a cove.

Peninsula is a narrow piece of land surrounded by water on three sides.  It is connected to the mainland by a piece of land called an isthmus.